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    i still miss you sometimes too. I’m sorry i was such an asshole. I was hurt and confused.

    i knew you weren’t happy anymore. i could feel us slipping. In truth, it was my fault. i’d gotten too comfortable with being useless, ( you know as well as i do that’s not an exaggeration) and started taking you for granted. I was lucky that you stayed with me as long as you did.

    i just wish you could’ve gotten more comfortable with telling me how you really felt about things.. I’m not too bright, communication is big with me, without it i go crazy. 

    all those times i asked “what’s wrong” when i thought you were genuinely upset or worried, and the majority of the time you were, weren’t just to make small talk, i just wanted to help, seeing you upset made me upset. 

    if that aspect of our relationship had been different who knows how things would be now.. 

    also probably would’ve helped if i was less of a useless mooch back then too. 

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    I think the saddest people always try their hardest to make people happy

    because they know what it’s like to feel absolutely worthless

    and they don’t want anyone else to feel like that.


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  5. so a couple weeks back i ordered a Xanavi sticker and a Nikon sticker from ihatestickersdotcom and in the “special comments” about the order or whatever i was just being a smartass and asked for another nikon sticker for free, didnt think anything of it

    butttt they ended up sending me one for free anyways. true bros. made my day ha 

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    it’s become a bad day.

    ever go to apologize to someone about something really shitty you’ve done in the past only to see that they seem to enjoy knowing that you’re depressed? 

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    MSC Challenge Round 4, Bihoku Circuit, Triple Class

    the tomcat ps13 really took a beating, sheesh lmao


  10. roshicorp:


    Sharknose Skyline C210

    Cherry E10 Coupe Tails



    It still has the original L20E as well. 

    BEST is BEST

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