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    I gots a 2jz that needs a rebuild. Fyi

    you know, i thought a lot about just keeping the car and doing some crazy swap like that, but i just have no room for it and now i have the other KA to rebuild

    but yeah someone help this dude out 

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    nobodysgettingtreats replied to your post: New motor and trans are in, along with…

    where are you and how much?

    buford georgia, and 900. 

    the body is in pretty damn decent shape, interior is all there, better than my 93 tbh, it’s got literally the only crackless dash i’ve ever seen in an s13, it just needs paint. i think the previous owner decided to start sanding it one day and after like 3 hours said fuck it 


    this is the only pic i have right now but i can get shots of whatever you want as early as tomorrow. i haven’t put it on craigslist or 240atlanta or anything yet

    edit- those hella sick totally not hideously ugly oem Z31 wheels come with it, tires are completely dead 

  3. New motor and trans are in, along with assorted other fun things that i found in the other car, progressing slowly but surely, there’s plenty more to be done

    also, anyone need a 92 SE hatch shell? 

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    me as a dad

    • me: son you finished your homework?
    • son: not now dad, I'm about to finish this anime
    • me: oh shit sorry
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    is it powered by tears?


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    The legend of,


    For the past 10 years or so racing circuits like Tsukuba and Fuji have been the biggest proving grounds for both Japanese OEM performance and for the tuning industry. But it hasn’t always been this way. There was a time when Japan’s tuners yearned for flat-out speed alone, and at the center of this movement was the famous Yatabe test course.

    Following the rapid growth of the Japanese auto industry in the ’60s, the Japan Automobile Research Institute (JARI) facility at Yatabe (now part of Tsukuba city) was opened in 1964 as a high speed test facility for automakers and for the government to gather data on various automobiles. The 5km banked oval allowed maximum speeds to be achieved. Of course, the thought of a closed oval located a short distance outside of Tokyo also caused Japan’s growing tuning industry to take notice.

    Starting around the early 1980’s, tuners from all over Japan would gather at Yatabe to try their machines on the massive banked course. Early tuning pioneers brought out their hopped up S30 and S130 Z’s and SA22C RX7’s to clock top speed and acceleration records. These exploits are chronicled in the excellent “Legend of Option” magazines.

    In the 1990’s the Yatabe speed trials drew top tuners like JUN, Top Secret, Waste Sports, Fuji Dynamics and Veilside who brought out their GT-R’s to battle for supremacy in the 0-300km acceleration test.
    These gatherings got a lot of exposure mid to late ’90s Option videos.

    The early 2000’s would see the growth of Tsukuba city and a new express rail line would be opened connecting Tsukuba to Tokyo. The route for the new line would cut directly through the Yatabe test course. Around the same time JARI opened it’s new test facility in the more isolated location of Shirosato, a little north of Tsukuba. 

    This spelled the end of the historic Yatabe test area and the course was officially closed in 2005. With the addition of the Tsukuba Express the city has expanded and the former course area is now filled with a train station, shopping malls, apartment buildings and restraints.

    For a while, parts of the old track remained and there are a few pictures of the abandoned banked sections on some Japanese blogs.

    - Mike Garrett

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    lonelydriverz replied to your post: so my car’s done, i’ve been busy break…

    OHHHHH can’t wait to see!!

    its nothing special yet man, but i love it all the same, mostly im just happy i found a parts car for such a good price, things will really start moving around october when i get all of my suspension stuff

    oh yeah also if anyone vaguely in the northern GA area wants to buy a 92’ S13 SE shell message me, the body’s really solid, in better condition than my 93’s tbh, it just deftinitely needs paint

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    I miss you, but fuck you.

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    so my car’s done, i’ve been busy breaking in the new engine and fucking with the timing, it feels amazing. ill get some pics tomorrow 

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    Japanese Fanta Commericals

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