1. Risky Devil Zenki

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I'm Kris. 20. North Georgia. Studying CNC technology at Lanier Tech, also proudly and happily pursuing my interest in photography. Pics posted are not mine unless stated in the description or tags.

I have a 93' 240sx, and a 73' Plymouth Satellite Sebring Plus. I've always been an avid Mopar lover, I was raised on drag racing (surprise) and have fallen in love with the car culture, along with the general culture of Japan as well.

This is where I post things that are (in my opinion) awesome and things that make me laugh. You'll see a lot of automotive posts, just with whatever I want scattered here and there, like anyone's blog. I'm constantly learning and finding more things i like, and don't. Follow me if you're interested.

Don't be afraid to use this search box, I literally tag everything.