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I'm Kris. 21. North Georgia. I work as a "Mobile Parts Pro" for Advance Auto, I'm Studying CNC technology at Lanier Tech, and also proudly and happily pursuing my interest in photography. Pics posted are not mine unless stated in the description or tags.

I have a 92 and a 93' 240sx, along with a 73' Plymouth Satellite Sebring Plus. I've always been an avid Mopar lover, I was raised on drag racing (surprise) and have fallen in love with the car culture, along with the general culture of Japan as well.

This is where I post things that are (in my opinion) awesome and things that make me laugh. You'll see a lot of automotive posts, just with whatever I want scattered here and there, like anyone's blog. I'm constantly learning and finding more things i like, and don't. Follow me if you're interested.

Don't be afraid to use this search box, I literally tag everything.